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Use McAfee to help guide your search decisions. SiteAdvisor safety ratings now appear alongside your search results whether you use Yahoo!, Google, Microsoft Bing or any of the 19 other search engines we work with.

McAfee SECURE: Verified safe e-commerce.
SAFE: Very low or no risk issues.
CAUTION: Minor risk issues.
WARNING: Serious risk issues.

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Take McAfee with you as you surf from site to site. Look for the small McAfee button on your browser. It changes color depending on that site's tests for spyware, spam, phishing and scams. McAfee gives you the confidence to explore the Web with more freedom.

The site you are visiting... verified safe for e-commerce.
...has very low or no risk issues.
...has minor risk issues.
...has serious risk issues.

E-mail and IM More Safely

If you installed SiteAdvisor LIVE, look for our color-coded icons in your e-mail and IM messages. SiteAdvisor LIVE works with many popular programs including Yahoo! Instant Messenger, AIM, Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo! Mail, gmail, and Microsoft Hotmail.