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Award-winning protection that uses intuitive icons to give you safety and phishing advice before you click on a risky site.

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What Does SiteAdvisor Software Do?

McAfee uses an army of test computers to literally test the Web for everything from spam to spyware to phishing to viruses. When you install SiteAdvisor software, we add small site rating icons to your search results as well as a browser button. Together, these alert you to potentially risky sites and help you find safer alternatives.

Safe Guard Your Search Results

With SiteAdvisor software installed, your browser will look a little different than before. We add small site rating icons to your search results.

Secure Search

Use the Secure Search box to block risky sites, to avoid typo mistakes and for all your safe searching needs.

SAFE: Very low or no risk issues.
CAUTION: Minor risk issues.
WARNING: Serious risk issues.
UNKNOWN: Not yet rated. Use caution.

Site Rating

SiteAdvisor site ratings are based on tests conducted by McAfee using an army of computers that look for all kinds of threats.

Protected Mode

Using SiteAdvisor LIVE, you can use Protected Mode to set a password to protect you or your family from visiting potentially dangerous websites and downloading files that are risky.

Download Protection

SiteAdvisor LIVE scans files as you download them for threats. Depending on the protection level you set, Download Protection will stop the download and warn you of the risks.

SiteAdvisor LIVE for E-Mail, Instant Messaging and Link Sharing

With SiteAdvisor LIVE software, even your e-mail and instant messages get checked for risky links.

E-mail Link Warning

You also get site ratings in your favorite email programs with SiteAdvisor LIVE.

Safe Share

With SiteAdvisor LIVE you can easily and safely shorten and share web links to your favorite social networking sites, applications or other locations. With Safe Share, your online friends will know it is safe to click on links you share.

Social Network Protection

Get color-coded risk ratings for links posted within popular social networking websites.


Links posted to your Facebook Wall or news feed could be malicious. Let SiteAdvisor show you which links are safe and which are risky.


Protect yourself from potentially harmful links as you exchange knowledge, ideas, and opportunities with your trusted professional network on LinkedIn.


Clicking on shared links in Google+ may lead you to a risky site. SiteAdvisor will help you decide which links might be risky.

Looking for Free SiteAdvisor?

A limited version of SiteAdvisor software with less features than SiteAdvisor LIVE.

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