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McAfee SiteAdvisor Android EditionProtection against mobile web threats

Click with confidence on the go

McAfee® SiteAdvisor® service is an essential enhancement for your mobile Android device. When you click on links using your Android browser, you get protection against potential phishing sites, browser exploits, malicious links within text messages, email, social networking sites, and QR codes. With SiteAdvisor for Android blocking risky links at the places you visit, you now can click, search and surf worry free.

Malicious SMS Link Blocking

Don't worry if you receive a suspicious link within a text message. If the link within the text directs you to a risky site, SiteAdvisor service will keep you protected.

Malicious Social Network Link Blocking

Don't be shy when clicking on links posted within Social Networking sites. SiteAdvisor service supports popular Social Networking sites to protect you if the link takes you to a risky site.

Malicious Email Link Blocking

Go ahead and click on links within email. If the link within the email takes you to a risky site, SiteAdvisor service will keep you safe.

Malicious QR Code Blocking

Cybercriminals can use QR codes, or Quick Response codes, to hide phishing or malicious websites. With SiteAdvisor service, go ahead and open that QR code because we'll keep you protected.

Mobile Phishing and Browser Exploit Protection

Cybercriminals use phishing sites and mobile browser exploits to extract personal information or deliver nasty code. The SiteAdvisor service automatically rates phishing sites and sites that host browser exploits red to warn you potential danger.