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C|Net Australia names SiteAdvisor "Editor's Choice"
C|Net Australia, November 29, 2006
Popular Sciences names SiteAdvisor to "Best of What's New"' List
Popular Science, November 6, 2006
SiteAdvisor Plus "checks links inserted in e-mail and instant messages and automatically blocks access to risky sites"
Information Week, November 6, 2006
SiteAdvisor named one of 10 Must-Have Extensions for Firefox
PC Magazine (Print Edition), August 8, 2006
"If I could give an award for the software product that's most advanced the cause of safer surfing...Site Advisor would get it, and as such I heartily recommend you get it too."
PC Pro (UK), July 26, 2006
"I'm a big fan of SiteAdvisor's detailed analysis [and] seamless browser integration."
PC World, July 25, 2006
"SiteAdvisor is a fantastic tool."
PC Advisor (UK), July 20, 2006
Online slimmers lose dollars not pounds
VNU, June 28, 2006
Walt Mossberg: "SiteAdvisor is more comprehensive and tougher."
Wall Street Journal, June 22, 2006
Net poses dangers for soccer fans
BBC News, June 14, 2006
Uma Thurman Is Endangering Your PC
Smarthouse, June 8, 2006
Be Careful Where You Point And Click
CBS News, May 20, 2006
Search Engines Need to Take Responsibility for Sponsored Links
eWeek, May 18, 2006
Search Engines' Sordid Side
Motley Fool, May 15, 2006
Search at your own risk
St. Paul Pioneer Press, May 13, 2006
Spammers target mom's e-cards
Washington Times, May 13, 2006
Search Sites Tied To Viruses, Spyware
Wall Street Journal, May 12, 2006 (subscription required)
Careful you don't send your mom a computer virus
Vancouver Sun, May 10, 2006
Taylor Hicks 'Most Dangerous' Idol
E! Online, April 28, 2006
SiteAdvisor selected for "Security Starter Kit"
C|Net, April 27, 2006
97 Percent of Web Users a Click Away From Infection
E-Commerce Times, April 27, 2006
"97 Percent Fail Spyware Sniff Test"
CMP TechWeb, April 26, 2006
McAfee buys search-warning company
C|Net, April 5, 2006
McAfee buys SiteAdvisor: Software tests Web sites for hidden malware
ComputerWorld, April 5, 2006
"Download this amazing plugin..."
Business Report (South Africa), March 24, 2006
I Wholeheartedly Endorse SiteAdvisor
ZDNet Spyware Confidential, March 14, 2006
To click or not to click
ITP (United Arab Emirates), March 8, 2006
Warns of Untrustworthy Sites
PCProUK, March 7, 2006
Risky Websites Get a Billion Visits a Month
New Scientist, March 6, 2006
Risky Sites Account for 5 Percent of Traffic
Security Focus, March 6, 2006
A Fresh Approach to "safe surfing"
Sydney Morning Herald, March 6, 2006
5% of All Web Traffic Unsafe
Slashdot, March 4, 2006
SiteAdvisor Finds Billions of Unsafe Web Visits
eWeek, March 3, 2006
A Little Surfing Advice
USA Today, March 2, 2006
Valuable, Free Watchdog Lets You Know If a Site is Evil Before You Go to It.
PC Magazine, March 1, 2006
Warns Surfers of Dodgy Sites
PC World, March 1, 2006
Simple warnings about...spyware and spam
Technology Review, March 1, 2006
Is It Safe? (And Other Scary Questions)
CMP Media Techsearch, March 1, 2006
SiteAdvisor Adds Search Safety
Washington Post, February 28, 2006
Not sure whether a site is safe or not? SiteAdvisor says it can help
Internet Week, February 27, 2006
"Free software" scams exposed
Guardian, February 23, 2006
"...alerts you to sites with the cooties...", February 14, 2006
"...lets the average Internet user know what a Web site actually does..."
SecurityFocus, February 12, 2006
"I don't care who you are - you need this free plugin."
C:\PIRILLO.EXE, February 2, 2006
SiteAdvisor is Excellent!
RealTechNews, January 31, 2006
Safe Surfing
PC World Germany, January 24, 2006
"...way past cool."
Alarm Clock, January 23, 2006
Surfing Made Safer - 5 Stars, January 20, 2006
"An excellent browser add-on." Rating: 5 Stars
Snapfiles, January 19, 2006
WhenU, 180solutions Bundled With 'Download Disasters'
MediaPost, January 17, 2006
MIT Startup Tests Top Million Sites for Spyware
Slashdot, January 14, 2006
"...very very cool!!"
CastleCops Security Forum, January 8, 2006
"...more than a good aid for web surfing."
O'Reilly, December 28, 2005
Now my mom can surf the web again, December 20, 2005
"...a quantum leap in internet security..."
Spyware Warrior, December 18, 2005

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