Web Security

We're working tirelessly to help you search, surf and shop more safely.

What is Web Security?

And why is it important?

At McAfee, we understand that more and more of our lives are spent online – searching, surfing, shopping and connecting with friends and customers, coworkers and family. In fact, the need has never been greater for comprehensive e-commerce security and identity theft protection.

So whether you are a merchant who wants to keep your shoppers safer, or a shopper looking for proven merchants, whether you're a high tech superstar or a Web newcomer, McAfee offers terrific solutions to your Web security needs.


Web Security for Consumers

We make it easy for you to stay safer with free, easy to use tools.

McAfee SiteAdvisor® software

A free web security plug-in that provides you with simple red, yellow and green Website security rating

McAfee SECURE trustmark

Look for McAfee SECURE trustmarks on sites tested daily for hacker vulnerabilities, and in search results annotated with SiteAdvisor technology.

Web Security for Merchants

70% of consumers have terminated online orders due to a lack of transaction trust. The new McAfee SECURE for Websites service helps ecommerce businesses ensure their site is secure, build trust, increase traffic, and increase their online sales.

Thousands of online stores -- including more than half of the Internet Retailer Top 500 -- use the McAfee SECURE service. Moreover, McAfee SECURE sites are highlighted in SiteAdvisor software – downloaded more than 200 million times by consumers.