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McAfee® WebAdvisor protects you from:

  • Personal info theft
  • Resource draining sneak-attacks
  • Malware disguised as friendly files
  • Dangerous sites pretending to be real
  • Security weak spots

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Your digital life is worth protecting. WebAdvisor protects you from

phishing protection

Personal info theft

Hackers try to steal your personal info through official-looking emails or enticing search results. This is called “phishing” -- we'll make sure you don't take the bait.

phishing protection

Resource draining sneak-attacks

Prevent annoying slowdowns caused by “cryptojacking” -- Hackers secretly attempting to steal your PC’s speed and power to earn online currency like Bitcoin.

phishing protection

Malware disguised as friendly files

Keep your PC safe from viruses and other threats. We’ll alert you if you download a suspicious file and block malware hidden on web pages.

phishing protection

Dangerous sites pretending to be real

Hackers create sites using addresses that look almost identical to the real thing -- this is “typosquatting”. We'll steer you back to safety if a URL typo leads you astray.

phishing protection

Security weak spots

Your firewall and antivirus software keep you protected. We’ll let you know if they’re turned off.

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